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Spelling Bee Spelling Bee
At the end of each year I have a class spelling bee. There are all kinds of ways to have one. This seems to work best for me. I go through the spelling book and choose 10-20 words for them to all spell on paper. The ones who make a 100 on the test are in the final spelling bee. Then I make a large list from the spelling book. They stand in front of the class and I just go down the row giving them spelling words. They have to say the word, spell the word, and say the word again. They are considered out if they do not do this. One year I had a group that I let them ask for permission to start their word over (once)...It's up to you what you do with your group. But make sure the rules are clear before you start. This is great for the last week of school. I have attached my list, but you may want to use your own spelling book. I looked online for words, but decided to just use the spelling book for my lists.  I'd make a list of at least 100 words, but you probably won't need that many.  Joanne

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Joanne Griffin