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I thought I would just put a bunch of things on my website to use for the first of school.  These are ideas I've had good luck with and maybe you can use some of them. 

I will keep adding things as I work on them.  I'm really trying to get better organized for the new school year.   But I can tell you as the year goes on, I get less and less organized.   Some of my friends are as organized the last day as they are the first day of school?  How do they do that? 

On several of my web rings the teachers are doing tic tac toe spelling and I loved the idea.  I have used some ideas from others but some of my own too.   The other teachers have had success with this homework, so thought I'd give it a try.  I'm always willing to try something new!


I've put a power point for your students to complete the first few weeks or so of school.  If it's too long, just redo it.  Once you show them how to do the power point they'll beg to work on it. 

When I have students that miss school I forget what we've done the day before or three days before.  With this idea I read on one of my web rings, I thought this might work for me.  I made a Work Missed in class to use for those who don't know what to do for make-up work. 

I've added a few more worksheets for the first of school.  But now I need to do all those things I didn't do during the summer.  SO HAVE A GREAT YEAR!!!


(My e-mail is below [I hope I have done it correctly] in case you have brilliant ideas to share with me or find mistakes that need to be corrected or just to say Hi!)


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Joanne Griffin