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Apple Probability Apple Probability


Most of us do some sort of apple activity at the beginning of school-either August or September for Johnny Appleseed. I took a bunch of things I had and made a booklet. It started out as only a math probability worksheet, but I kept thinking of other apple things to add.  Hopefully there's something there you can use.

I'm not sure where I got the poetry from...some of it was on Appleworks which I haven't used in years. The rest of the poetry has been passed on to me by other teachers.  

I added some reader's theater poems for you to use with your class.  You can take any poem and make it into a reader's theater.  Your students will love reading them.  These worksheets can be made into a learning center or a stand alone unit.  Use your imagination! 

I added a making words for apple trees.  My students love doing these.  I give them a time limit as they will keep working.  A simple timer for your computer that Lisa sent me is on http://www.online-stopwatch.com  (cut & paste this address).  You can change the letters in the boxes so you can make other worksheets. 

And don't forget to save all your work that you do.  Make folders and use them to keep your work for next year. 


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Joanne Griffin