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Mrs. Jeanne Dinkle

Mrs. Jeanne Dinkle

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June 9, 2017

Veni, Sancte Spiritus

We have successfully completed our school year! We ended it in a beautiful way with the celebration of the Eucharist. For my last reflection of the year, I am using my garden again. It’s not really garden related but it is nature. It has to do with hummingbirds!

One sure sign of spring and summer is the arrival of hummingbirds. I have several feeders around my house, and I take so much pleasure watching these frail little birds hover, zip, and zoom around. At my last house, it was the same. Feeders outside the windows let me enjoy their antics. It is easy to tell the males with their ruby-red throats from the females, but beyond that, it is hard to distinguish one hummer from another. I could tell by their activity that each was unique. There was the guardian – sitting on top of the shepherd’s hook; the dive-bomber – waiting in the tree until another bird perched at the feeder to zip by and scare it off; the hover-master – who never sat on the feeder’s perch, but maintained flight; the dipper – who sat on the perch and bobbed up and down; the picky one – hopping around to each perch around the feeder, sampling each; and then…there were the not-so-bright birds that would fly into my garage. I could never figure out why – maybe they saw the feeder through the garage window or maybe they were attracted to the red car parked inside. Whatever the reason, once in the garage, they were stuck. They would try to fly up, banging against the white ceiling repeatedly. It was so sad to watch them repeat the same behavior, not changing when the desired result wasn’t achieved. No matter what window, door, or bay was openly inviting them to be free, they knew only to fly up. I couldn’t sit by and watch, so I would try to push them towards an opening, but they resisted my attempts to help. Finally, the trapped bird flew towards a corner and got caught in a spider’s web. It was so weak that it couldn’t break free from the web. I was able to climb a ladder and gently pull the bird from the web. When I opened my hand (well outside of the garage), the bird remained still, not attempting to fly away. My initial reaction was so unreasonable –the bird was grateful for my assistance that it would stay with me! Ok – NOT! When I looked more closely, noting the pumping chest of the frightened hummer, I saw a single strand of web still on its leg. I gently removed it, and immediately the bird flew off. This creature is so frail that the slightest deviation or impediment stopped it from doing as God intended. This occurred more than once (hopefully not with the same bird), and I finally shortened their time of captivity by pushing them towards a web, knowing that it would lead to their release much more quickly. Each time, I had the most amazing experience of holding these amazing birds in my hands.

It’s not difficult to make the connection with our spiritual life. We often don’t see that we’re repeating the same destructive behaviors over and over despite the lack of results. Do we take the time to look closely enough to see what is stopping us from strengthening our relationship with God? Do we accept the help of others when we’re unsure of their motivation? At today’s closing Mass, the students who prepared the liturgy selected the story of Jonah and the whale for the First Reading and the story of the Good Samaritan for the Gospel. Poor Jonah tried to escape God by running away, but God found him! The Good Samaritan made the difficult choice to help a stranger in need despite their differences. For both men, God was there, ready to assist and guide when they were open to it. Jonah had to get rid of his ‘spider web’ that was holding him back, and the Good Samaritan had to trust that he would be ok doing what he knew was right despite the risk.

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful summer and takes time to figure out what ‘spider web’ might be holding you back. As Father Jim suggested – make sure to include God in your summer plans!


Staff Changes

The vacancies left by the staff members leaving will be filled this summer. Our opening in 1st grade has been filled with an in-house transfer. As some of you may know, Mrs. Crockett did her student teaching here under the guidance of Mrs. Broomall in kindergarten. She has always expressed a strong interest in working with the younger students. While she has done an amazing job in 4th grade, I know she will be equally amazing with our 1st grade students. That leaves an opening in 4th grade. I am gathering resumes and interviewing qualified candidates as soon as school is out. We will also be interviewing to hire a full-time classroom assistant. Anyone interested in either of those positions should email me at as soon as possible.


Summer Schedule        

The school office will be open throughout the summer with an abbreviated schedule. Miss Jeremy or I will be in the office Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 1:00.


Class Bundl

Spend Summer Here

Avoid the crowded school supply aisles

Ordering your child’s school supplies online with ClassBundl is simple. We've loaded each teacher's school supply list into ClassBundl so that you can order your student’s school supplies in just a few clicks. The best part? Each purchase ships to your door and earns 5% cash back to our school.

Avoid crowded aisles and get back to summer today at ClassBundl.


There is ONE MORE WEEK to apply for tuition assistance for next school year through Maryland’s tuition program, BOOST. Here are the details of which you need to be aware:

Student Eligibility and Application Process

  • Any current or prospective student who, based on family income, is eligible for the free and reduced-price lunch program may apply for a scholarship.   

  • Students may apply for a BOOST tuition scholarship through the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) website at

  • Proof of family income, such as a recent tax return, will be required. 

  • Proof of steps taken toward applying to or re-registering at their chosen school will be required.

  • An application deadline for 2017-18 school year scholarships is June 15, 2017.

  • The BOOST Advisory Board will determine scholarship amounts and recipients. 

  • Once scholarships are awarded, MSDE will notify both the school and the awardee’s parent or legal custodian.  Tuition payment will be sent to the school, made to the order of the parents, directing them to endorse the check over to the school.    



ICS will be adding another after-school program, Science Explorers, next year. Science Explorers is an innovative, hands-on science company dedicated to providing an opportunity for children ages 4-11 to become engaged in the wonders of science. Science Explorers will make science cool and exciting through their interactive, hands-on format. Ever dissect a shark? What about a squid? Have you ever mixed together two liquids to create a solid? Made glowing slime? Examined a real heart? Built and launched your own rocket? Lifted a person using nothing but air? These are some of the awesome experiments that make their science programs so popular. We will start with an assembly which has been scheduled for September. Then, information will be sent home with the dates and topics for the after-school sessions. Some of the topics include “Let’s Get Electrified”, “Catch a Wave”, and “Marvelous Machines”.  Be on the lookout for the fliers so that you can sign up your son or daughter for these sessions!

We apologize for the delay getting the Terra Nova results, but there is an issue on their end. We still have not (nor have the other schools in the diocese) received the results. The latest information we have is that we should have them next week. As soon as we get them, we will let you know.             

This will be the last regular Principal's Message for the summer. Updates will come out when information regarding Healey needs to be shared.

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