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Previous Principal's Messages
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Principal Mrs. Jeanne Dinkle




 The floors and classrooms are almost all cleaned, buffed, and polished. We are way ahead of our normal schedule! The gym and cafeteria will be the last floors done, and then we’ll be ready for the new year.

The parking lot is in the process of being redone. It has been torn up, a drainage trench is being dug, and they are waiting for it to dry up. The final touch will be a beautiful, newly-paved parking lot!

A sign is being added to the back side of the school which will be visible from Bridge Street. Keep an eye out for it! People won’t have to wonder what the brick building is that they drive by daily!


4th grade teacher – We are very excited to welcome Miss Taylour Kissinger as our new 4th grade teacher. You may recognize her name – she graduated from ICS! After graduating from St. Mark’s High School, she attended the University of Delaware and received her Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Education and Human Development. We’ll see and hear more about Taylour in the coming weeks.

Classroom assistant – We are still interviewing candidates for this position. We hope to have a decision by the end of the month.

Advancement Director – I was overwhelmed with over thirty applications for the position. It was a daunting task to narrow the field to those we felt would fit the best into our family. The first round of phone-screening interviews is done, and we are very excited to have three excellent candidates moving forward for the next round of interviews that will include Fr. Jim, myself, and two Healey representatives. Our goal is to have this position filled and active by mid-August. Please pray that the candidate that we select will help ICS grow and thrive well into the future.


Don’t let your child procrastinate with the summer work! Check the teachers’ SchoolWorld sites for specifics. Feel free to sign up for notification of updates to the teachers’ sites and my principal’s message.

Terra Nova scores have still not been published. The last update I received indicated that we would have them by late-July to mid-August. The delay is on the company’s end, and they are working to resolve the issues. The diocese has extended the contract to work with them for just one year. If next year proves to be as frustrating, we will look for another tool for testing. I will let you know as soon as I have any further news.

We use a rotating schedule for curriculum revision so that each year we examine a different content area to ensure that our materials are current. This past year, we evaluated our science curriculum. We have adopted a new program for the school. We will be using Pearson’s Interactive Science. Much like our reading, math, and social studies programs, there is a strong on-line component that will allow families to be very engaged in the learning process. With the new program, Pearson provides professional development and training, but it will take some time for our teachers to become familiar with all of the program’s features. It will be an exciting transition.

Thanks to the funds generated from our Race for Ed, we have been able to purchase Chrome Books. There will be a mobile lab along with Chrome Books for every teacher. This will allow classes to use this resource for many different purposes including research, project work, and assessments. Like the science program, there will be a learning curve for the teachers. Mrs. Gill will be working with us to help us become comfortable with this new tool.

Don’t forget to take advantage of ClassBundl for your child’s classroom supplies.

Don’t wait until the last minute to order necessary uniform items through Rush Uniforms. You can also check with us for the used uniform items. Jasmin Weatherill will be happy to help with whatever she has in stock.

After-school Opportunities

Game club – Miss Karleen spiked excitement with her game club twice a week at the end of last year. If there is interest in continuing we can try to convince her to organize it! If there is interest in other clubs, we need an adult with a background clearance to volunteer to run it. Contact the office, and we can arrange it.

Science Explorers is an innovative, hands-on science company dedicated to providing an opportunity for children ages 4-11 to become engaged in the wonders of science. Science Explorers will make science cool and exciting through their interactive, hands-on format. Ever dissect a shark? What about a squid? Have you ever mixed together two liquids to create a solid? Made glowing slime? Examined a real heart? Built and launched your own rocket? Lifted a person using nothing but air? These are some of the awesome experiments that make their science programs so popular. We will start with an assembly which has been scheduled for September. Then, information will be sent home with the dates and topics for the after-school sessions. Some of the topics include “Let’s Get Electrified”, “Catch a Wave”, and “Marvelous Machines”.  Be on the lookout for the fliers so that you can sign up your son or daughter for these sessions! There is a fee for each session.

Debate - the State Council of the Delaware Knights of Columbus have endorsed a debate program. A Fourth Degree Knight Of Columbus and MIT PhD in Political Science is spearheading superior, speech, debate and leadership training for rising 7th to 12th graders, high school graduates and college students. This training comes in two forms: Statesman Debate- a nonprofit, non-partisan Institute, runs summer debate camps and school of public service; and The Rhetoricans field school-year, Catholic-grounded speech and debate teams for grades 7 to 12 and college. Scholarships are available through both organizations. Register for a middle school or high school camp or program today via or 302.300.9611. Join a team today via or 302.407.9851.

Healey Foundation

Steps taken so far include a parent focus group meeting (thank you to those who met, shared, and painted a clear picture of who we are!), the parent survey, and the advancement director search.

The main goal of the summer is to hire the advancement director. Once that person is in place, we will begin to focus on the school’s mission and branding. We will have work sessions to determine the logo and tagline to fit our mission. We will also evaluate our website and social media presence. We will be asking for parent input for these sessions.

Marketing and enrollment will be major projects for the new advancement director throughout the year.

Mid-year, we will begin the process to form the new board for the school.

Our Healey contact will be Mrs. Megan Famular. She has already been an invaluable resource in guiding me through the search and interview process. I look forward to having her work with us throughout the next three years and beyond!

Immaculate Conception School