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Viva New Jersey/Outline

6th Grade Reading – UNIT 1, Story 3 

Viva New Jersey   by Gloria Gonzalez 

GENRE:  Realistic Fiction – tells an imaginary story about lifelike characters in believable situations. (All characters and events in the story are imaginary.) 


Skill: Character –To find out what a character is like, you may need to examine their words and actions as the story unfolds, as well as how other character react to him or her.  Also, the story narrator may directly state information that reveals what the character is like.

Skill:  Summarize –  a summary is a concise restatement of a text.  A summary should include only the key (most important) details.

Skill: Compare and Contrast – To tell how two or more things are alike (compare) and how they are different (contrast).

Skill:  Review terms that name parts of a magazine/periodical.

Magazine – is usually published weekly or monthly.  Most magazines have specific subject areas, such as fashion, sports, or literature.  May include articles on national or local current events.

Terms: front cover, title, place of publication, index or table of contents, sections, online.

Most magazines follow the five Ws and H format in the first few paragraphs: Who, What, When, Where, and How


corridors – long hallways; passages in a large building into which rooms open

destination – place to which someone or something is going or is being sent

groping – feeling about with hands

menacing – threatening

mongrel – animal of mixed breed, especially a dog

persisted – kept on; refused to stop or be changed

pleas – requests or appeals


adrift – floating without being guided; drifting

spacious – containing much space; with plenty of room; vast

vista – opening or passage through or from which you see a view

SPELLING WORDS (vowel sounds with r)

1.  porch   8.  purchase   15.  detergent

2.  servant   9.  kernel   16.  corridor

3.  shore   10. perhaps   17.  ornament

4.  disturb   11.  ignore   18.  artistic

5.  market   12.  concern   19.  particle

6.  margin   13.  attorney   20.  nervous

7.  worth   14.  barge


21.  trustworthy   23.  particular   25.  carbohydrate

22.  versatile    24.  porcelain


When you are reading and see an unfamiliar word, use context clues, or the words around the unfamiliar word, to figure out its meaning.  Look at the other words in the next sentence to decide what “menacing” means:

I knew the dog was menacing because it barked and snarled at me! 

Is a menacing dog friendly or mean?


Independent and Dependent Clause

Independent Clausehas a subject and verb that can stand alone as a complete sentence.

Dependent Clausehas a subject and a verb but can not stand alone and make sense.

Example:  Before she could stammer a reply, the lights went out.

the lights went out is an independent clause because it could stand alone as a complete sentence and make sense.

Before she could stammer a reply is a dependent clause because it cannot stand alone as a complete sentence and make sense.



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