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Student Commitment Contracts
Parent Commitment Contracts

Student Commitment Contract

The following statements identify the commitment that you must have and show to yourself, the staff, and the other students at this school. Please read this con­tract carefully. Sign this contract if you are truly sincere about your commitment to our school. This signed contract is proof of your commitment to the staff and students at this school. If you do not fulfill this contract on a consistent basis, you will be dismissed from this school.

1. I agree to use my intellectual potential to the fullest by trying my hardest in each course I take.

2. I will use my talents to solve problems and give input in class discussions and projects.

3. I will be open to trying new ideas, activities, and challenges.

4. I will keep my attitude positive and try not to complain unjustifiably.

5. I understand attending school regularly is a major requirement at this school. I promise come to school even when I don't feel like it.

6. I promise to miss school only if I am truly sick. I will not have my parents "call in sick" for me unless I am truly sick.

7. I promise to show respect and talk respectfully to the staff and other students at all times.

8. I promise to come prepared to class with all the necessary materials and work. 9. I will follow classroom and school rules at all times.

10. I understand that this is an Accelerated Alternative School, which means that I will be given the opportunities to give input, ideas, and suggestions to improve the school and plan student activities, courses, and discipline rules.

I promise to be involved in making this school a "family" and a "community" of belonging and acceptance for all.

11. I will participate fully in Community Service Learning Projects and Off-Site Experiences without complaining.

12. I promise not to skip school on Community Service Days, Off-Site Experience Days, Field Days, etc. I know attending and participating in these days shows Unity of Purpose and helps make our school family closer.

13. I will seek help from staff members when I have a problem of any kind. I will not let a small problem become a large, overwhelming problem.

14. I will take responsibility for my own behavior and learning. I will not blame my parents, staff, or other students for my actions.

I have read this contract and agree to follow each of the points to the very best of my ability. I understand that continued violation of this contract will be cause for my dismissal from this school.

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Hillsboro Alternative Program
Hillsboro R-3
Learning Center
10486 Highway 21
Hillsboro MO 63050

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