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Special Education Parent Teachers Association

Representing the Sewanhaka Central High School District, 
and the Elementary School Districts of Elmont & Floral Park-Bellerose

SEPTA is a district-wide PTA unit focusing on advocating for and supporting the needs of families and their children who receive Special Education Services with an IEP, a 504 Plan, or Related Support Services.

SEPTA consists of parents whose children have varying degrees of ability. Special education teachers and respective department chairpersons in our public elementary and high schools are also actively involved with SEPTA.

SEPTA serves as a clearing house for information of interest to parents of children (birth to 21 years) with special needs on various programs, funding, state and federal laws, and advocacy. SEPTA is also a source of information on the many challenges of adjustment, growth, and development our members face.

Membership in SEPTA is not restricted to parents/students enrolled in special education programs or receiving special services. It is open to any interested parent, student, teacher, or administrator. In fact, we would gladly welcome your support.

SEPTA has regular meetings, just as any other PTA, with speakers to run lectures or workshops on pressing issues, such as ever-changing federal and state legislation. 

The following is the schedule of meetings for the 2016-2017 school year (all are held on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm at H Frank Carey HS

First Training Workshop - October 19th @7:00 at HF Carey. 

First Meeting- November  16th 7:30 at H Frank Carey.

SEPTA is a warm place where members can network and share information, referrals, or books. It’s a place to share our worries and successes and it’s nice to have someone there to lend an ear. Please show your support by joining SEF-SEPTA! Click on the attachment below to download the SEPTA Membership Form. 

If you would like additional information, you may contact our SEF-SEPTA Co-Presidents, Elaine Burgos at 352-5352 and/or Eva Mendez at 456-1938. We look forward to meeting you!

Like Us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sefsepta


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