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Academics » Writing Hall of Fame » Ways that Rivers are Helpful to People

Ways that Rivers are Helpful to People

Writing Hall of Fame 

Ways that Rivers are Useful to People



       Rivers are very useful.  Most of the people in the United States drink water from rivers.  It also gives us food like salmon and stuff like that.  If the water in the river runs quickly, it could provide electricity.  You could also use rivers for relaxing on a boat ride or going fishing or swimming.  I'm happy you can use rivers for so many different things! 

- B2

     Rivers are useful to people in many ways.  First, you can have fun in the river.  For example, you can canoe in the river.  Second, you can make electricity.  You make electricity by building a dam with an electric generator.  Third, you can get food from a river.  One of the ways you can get food is by fishing.  We are lucky we have rivers today.

- D1


      Rivers are very useful to people.  The river gives us water to drink.  People need water to drink or they will die of thirst.  People couldn't take trips on a cruise boat if there is no water.  Some people who live next to a river wash their clothes in the river and other people take baths in rivers.  Everyone in the whole wide world needs water.

- A2

     Rivers are useful to people.  They're useful because they give us water and without water we would die.  Also for living necessities like taking a bath in.  Also transportation for instance a boat ride.  Why do you think rivers are useful?

- A6

     I can think of two reasons why rivers are useful.  First, where do you think we get our water?  Most rivers is the answer to that.  We in California usually get our water from the Colorado River because it is very large and not that far away. Another reason why is what if you needed to get somewhere fast and your options were walking or taking a boat in a river?  So as you can see rivers also provide transportation.  Those are my two reasons why rivers are useful and I hope you use them with care.

- D4

     Rivers are useful to people in many ways.  Some people depend on the fresh water rivers for drinking water.  Without the river, these people could die of thirst.  People who like fish as pets or food can use rivers in a way too!  They can go fishing!  Fish like salmon live in rivers.  You could go fishing for that.  You could also go fishing in rivers for relaxation too!  There are many different ways people use rivers but I think the best ways of using it is to get food and water.

- A1

     Rivers are very useful to people.  One reason rivers are useful to people is they produce fresh, clean water for people to drink.  Another reason is rivers let us have electricity for TVs, refrigerators, and anything else that takes electricity.  Rivers also let us have food to eat like salmon, trout, or any other animals that live in rivers.  If we did not have rivers we would not have clean water or maybe even no electricity.

- C2

     Every day more people realize how important rivers are to people.  Rivers are important to people because some contain power.  Using natural objects to make electricity would help global warming.  Rivers are also important to people because they have fresh water to drink and fish to eat.  If you were stranded in the forest a river would be one of the few chances for you to live.  The last reason rivers are important to people is that they are pleasurable.  Even though it does not seem like something pleasurable is useful, it is.  A river can be pleasurable in the, you can ride on boats down them, and you can swim in them.  Without these beautiful bodies of water, our life would be different in so many ways.

- C4



     Rivers are very useful for everybody in the world.  Rivers give us water.  People who live near a river use the river water for their drinking water.  Rivers also give people pleasure.  The Colorado River gives me pleasure by letting me river raft.  Rivers are also very useful because they give us transportation.  You get to go to new places and take a boat when you go camping.  Rivers are very useful for a lot of things.

- A3

     Rivers keep us alive in many different ways.  Rivers are important for transportation.  We can travel to different cities.  If we didn't have rivers, we wouldn't have enough food.  There are fish in the rivers for us to eat.  We need water to make power.  If we didn't have all these things, we would not have the life we have now.

- B4

     Rivers are very useful to people in many ways.  These are some.  Rivers provide fish to eat.  Fresh water salmon are very popular to eat and they are found in rivers.  Rivers give us pleasure.  In a river you can swim, fish, and canoe.  Wouldn't that be fun!  Rivers are often used for transportation like shipping, small cruises, and tours.  Those are some ways rivers are useful to people.

- B5

     Rivers are very helpful for people in many ways.  One way is that a lot of power plants run by rivers.  Rivers also provide fish like salmon and catfish.  The Truckee River has lots of fish and you can go river rafting!  Se how many reason rivers help us.

- C1

     Rivers are very helpful to people and animals.  We need rivers for drinking water.  We also need it for showers and laundry.  We sometimes use rivers for fun activities like river rafting, swimming, snorkeling, diving and much, much more.  We also use rivers for education, like science.  We study the coral, the moss, the seaweed, and the chemicals in the river.  Rivers are not just for us, they're also for animals like crocodiles, gators, turtles, crabs, lobsters, sharks, and even animals we can't see.  You might not think of rivers this way but it's true.  So from no on try to protect the river, not hurt it.

- A5

     Rivers can be useful to people in many ways.  First, rivers have food.  They have food like bass and salmon.  Second, rivers have water.  The good thing about water is that people can drink the water.  last, rivers give people pleasure.  They give me pleasure because people could go swimming and river rafting.  Rivers are fun and entertaining places.

- D4

     Rivers are very, very useful.  Rivers give us food from the tasty fish.  Also, rivers provide transportation.  That includes boats and river rafts.  It can be very sad if we didn't have rivers.

- B2

     Rivers are very useful to many people in many ways.  In one way you can travel on them.  You can travel on them by using boats.  Also, you can have more water.  With that water, you can drink it.  Lastly, you can have electricity with the fast flowing water.  With the electricity you can light lamps, computers, phones and a lot of other stuff.  There are a lot of ways rivers are useful.

- A4

     There are many ways rivers are useful.  One of the ways is rivers give us water.  We need water to wash dishes, cars, and even our own bodies.  We also need it to drink.  Rivers are also useful because their water gives us food.  As an example if we want to eat fish, first the fish has to be in water.  Another example is if we want to eat fruits and vegetable they have to grow with water.  My last reason rivers are useful is you can have fun in them.  You can go on boat rides, go water skiing, go swimming, and many other things.  I think we would have a terrible world without rivers.

- D2













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