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Fourth Grade Reader's Workshop Highlights

Fourth Grade Reader's Workshop Highlights Fourth Grade Reader's Workshop Highlights
In fourth grade, the students will have Reader's Workshop for forty minutes to an hour each day.  Stamina becomes an important part of reading at this age.  Students need to learn to maintain their attention and monitor their comprehension while reading longer texts.  In order for students to become better readers, they need to READ!  This can only happen if they are given the time to do so. 

An average fourth grade reader decodes about six words per second!  If given forty minutes to read, that is approximately 6000 words!  That is a reading workout that will surely get them in shape this year.  Some highlights from Reader's Workshop are shown below.

The Journey to 40 Books

Our classroom goal is for the students to each read forty books by the end of the year. To track this progress, we monitor how many books we read each week and every time students shop for books in our classroom library.  Then we graph the results to keep track of our progress.

Reading and Various Forms of Technology and Media

Text comes to us in many ways in this day and age.  EReaders, audiobooks and blogs are
all ways that students can read each day.  During Reader's Workshop, the students are able to sign up to use our classroom Nook, mp3 players or read children blogs on our Google Reader page. It is important that students are exposed to print, language and words in all of the various forms available to them today.  This is the reading of the future.


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