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My Resources » First Grade Curriculum

First Grade Curriculum

Below you find listed Grade One curriculum goals:

Reading/Language Arts

  • Identifies upper/lower case letters
  • Matches letters and letter combinations with corresponding sounds
  • Is able to hear/produce rhyming words
  • Applies phonetic skills to sound out new words
  • Uses appropriate strategies with an unknown word in text
  • Learns high frequency words as introduced
  • Reads with understanding
  • Enjoys stories/poems
  • Reads fluently
  • Learns to spell assigned words
  • Applies spelling in daily work


  • Combines 2 or more single digit numbers
  • Recognizes, extends, and creates patterns
  • Collects and records data
  • Organizes and interprets results of data/graphs
  • Reads, represents, and orders numbers to 100
  • Counts by 5's and 10's to 100
  • Counts by 2's to 30
  • Solves addition facts to 12
  • Recognizes and uses +, -, and =
  • Recognizes and names 2D and 3D shapes
  • Uses numbers, pictures, and words to create representations that organize, record, and communicate math ideas


  • Forms letters completely
  • Writes complete sentences
  • Uses correct punctuation and uppercase letters
  • Writing matches illustrations
  • Writing contains main idea with supporting details

Science Themes

  • Rocks
  • Night Sky
  • Balance and Motion
  • Animal Classification


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