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9th/10th Health & Fitness 9th/10th Health & Fitness
Syllabus/Class Overview

Lind HS 9/10 Health & Fitness

Teacher: Mr. Arlt-




                Welcome to Health & Fitness 9/10!  The course is divided into two components: Activity/Fitness days and Health days.  Activity days will be in the gym or outside on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  The health part of the class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This schedule could change occasionally because of school and extra-curricular activities, and other possible interruptions to our schedule.  The health part of the course will take place in a classroom setting.  Fitness testing will also be done at the beginning, middle, and end of the year to test cardiorespiratory ability/capacity, body composition, muscular fitness and endurance, and flexibility.  Students will be given individual sheets to keep track of their testing results and will set goals they want to achieve on future testing.  Information will be frequently connected and be used in all aspects of the course.  The knowledge the students will gain will help them understand and be able to demonstrate various components of fitness and health and how they contribute to a healthy lifestyle.  The mission of the program is to motivate students and help them understand how to be healthy, stay healthy, and know how to properly achieve lifelong health and fitness!  Lifelong health and physical fitness is essential for all students.   Having and maintaining good health and fitness has a positive effect physically, socially, mentally/emotionally, and academically.  This program will provide students with the motivation, skills, and knowledge needed to lead healthy, active, and productive lifestyles.  Keeping in line with the Washington’s Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) for Health & Fitness, students will leave the program understanding: 1) why it is important to make good health choices and be fit, 2) how to lead a healthy lifestyle and be fit, and 3) how to remain healthy and fit throughout their lives.  Please read through the rest of the syllabus and sign with your child for them to turn in to me.  Feel free to write down or contact me at the school with any comments or questions about the class.   



                A variety of activities and health & fitness topics will be covered in this course.  Activity units will be 1-3 weeks and health units can range from 2-5 weeks.  These are the activity and health units that will be or could be part of this course:

*Activities- Soccer(indoor & outdoor), Frisbee(ultimate & golf), Softball/Wiffleball, Volleyball, Team Handball, Indoor Speedball, Lacrosse(McWhipit), Floor Hockey, Badminton, Pickleball, Basketball, Tennis , Flag Football, Conditioning Circuits, Weight Training, Kickball/Rounders, Golf, Bowling, Lawn/Leisure games, and other fitness & skill based games.


There will also be stretching, warm-up run, and warm-up exercises before activities start to help with motor movements, agility, and conditioning.  These exercises can include jump rope, cone drills, dot drills, box step-ups, quickfeet floor ladder, medicine/physio ball, and different conditioning circuit courses.  Students will also perform a timed ½ mile run approximately every 5 weeks along with when they do it during fitness testing.


*Health Units- Personal Wellness(health triangle, lifestyle/risk factors), Fitness/Health Components and Movements, Goal Setting and Decision Making(Life Skills), Drugs/ Alcohol/ & Tobacco, Muscular Fitness/Anatomy/ & Body Systems, Human Growth & Development, Nutrition/Food Choices, Body Composition, Mental Illnesses, Depression, Fitness Planning, CPR/First Aid, Health Consumer Issues among other important concepts of Health & Fitness.


These units will help students  to understand and implement concepts related to health & fitness into their daily lifestyle habits.  The units will  involve activities, quizzes/test, and projects that focus on positively influencing the attitudes and practices relating to personal, family, and community health & fitness.  The ultimate objective is for each student to take the information learned and apply it positively to their lifestyle.  10th grade will review and expand upon what they learned in 9th, as well as learn new information in units that were not taught in 9th grade. 





*Student Expectations:

-Be on time and ready to work

-Dress in appropriate attire

-Follow directions

-Be respectful and helpful

-Demonstrate good sportsmanship- behavior, language etc

-Turn in work on time

-Keep lockers locked at all times and locker rooms clean

-Report any injuries/sickness to teacher

-Leave distractions in locker or at home-phones, MP3s, food, drink(water ok) etc…




The Lind HS grading schedule will be followed.  On activity days, the student will receive a point for the day and it is up to them to keep their full point for that day.  This can be done by being on time, dressed properly, participating in all activities, working hard, and display proper sportsmanship.  Failure to meet these requirements will result in a loss of a ¼ point to the full point.  The health days will consist of daily activities, worksheets, projects(group & individual), quizzes, and tests.  The greater the assignment, the more points it will be worth.  Students will know how much assignments are worth before starting and will lose points for each day an assignment is late.  The point loss each day will depend on the total point value of the assignment.  The percents from the activity days(65%) and the health days(35%) will be averaged together for the final grade. 


-Tardy Policy: For activity days, the students will have 5 minutes after the second bell to be dressed down and in the gym ready to begin class.  The students will be allowed one tardy per quarter without losing any point value.  Their second tardy will bring their point down to ¾ and all following tardies during the quarter will drop their point value down to ½ point for each day they are tardy.  On health days, the school’s tardy policy will be followed and students could also lose points. 


-Make-Ups: Students will be allowed to make-up activity days for excused absences for full credit (sickness, doctor, family, school activities etc.).  Unexcused absences can only receive ½ credit for their make-up. Students can make up days by coming in before school or after school and be active for 30 minutes.  Another option is doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity at home, recording it on their home fitness log given to them, and having their parent/guardian sign it before turning it in to me for credit.  Students are not required to do make-up days, but it is strongly suggested as they have a 0 for that day absent until made up and this greatly affects their grade.  Special arrangements will be made with certain circumstances that cause a long-term absence.  On health days, the student is responsible for getting all missed work and getting it done in a timely manner set by the teacher.


-Fitness/Activity Days Dress Policy:  Each student will be expected to participate on activity days in proper attire.  Proper fitness/gym attire will consist of shorts or sweats/warm-ups, T-shirt(long or short sleeved), socks, and non-marking tennis shoes, preferably different shoes that are worn for regular school use if possible.  The shirt and shorts must also be different than what the student is wearing at school that day-no street clothes!  Hats, jewelry, and any piercings will not be allowed during class time.  In the event the student does not have appropriate clothing, a set of clean clothes (loaner clothes) will be loaned to the student for that period.  These are clothes of mine that I have kept for specifically this purpose.  If the student refuses to wear the provided clothing, this will be viewed as defiance.  That student will be referred to the office.  Students cannot participate and receive points without dressing down properly.  Students will only be allowed to use loaner clothes once a quarter and receive their full point.  Students will lose a 1/4 of their daily point on their second loaner use, and will be marked down to a ½ point on all loaner use after two during each quarter, but can still participate.  If a student has problems getting dress down clothes, please come talk to me and arrangements will be made to help the student obtain proper dress down clothes.

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