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2016 - 2017 School Year


Welcome to 2nd Grade in Mrs. Steadman's Class!

Happy Spring!

2nd graders are learning about being healthy in Science. We learned about keeping our teeth healthy in February, and we are learning about healthy eating in March. We colored a MyPlate and cut out pictures of foods that belong in each section of the plate. Students will complete a report about a fruit or vegetable later this month.

We are on Superkids Unit 6 and also on Unit 6 in Math Expressions. Students are enjoying the Super Magazines as well as the book club books! Most students agreed that Tornado, by Betsy Byars, was the best book club book we have read this year. We are enjoying Love and Roast Chicken by Barbara Knutson now. It is a fun trickster tale from the Andes Mountains. Students are adding and subtracting within 1,000 using "ungrouping" and "regrouping."

In Social Studies, we are completing a Biography Poster Report about a President, a famous African American, or a famous woman in our country's history. Students are discovering the very many important men and women who helped to shape our country.

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