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DNA Model

You can access the Miller Levine Text by clicking here.

The username to the online text has changed to avantiscience

See the whiteboard in the classroom for login information or email me at . 


Target dates for Assignments:



Mind Map of Chemistry of Life





Notes/sort: macromolecules




Catalase Lab

No Class

Catalase Lab

Progress Reports Passed out: Keep these in your notebook with your syllabus. 



Quiz 1 target date (retakes/corrections by end of week)

Review Catalase Lab

Bring in a paper towel or T.P. tube this week!


Notes: RNA and DNA

Video: Secret of Life: DNA



Project: Making a DNA Model:


Click Here





Notes: How cells get nutrients: 

-Passive vs. active transport



Activity: Cell Analogy

Adventure Day!!! No class

 Video: DNA Packaging  (2 min)

Progress Reports Passed out: Keep these in your notebook with your syllabus.



Tutorial: Cell Transport (In Class)

Tutorial: Online Onion Root Tips


Target Quiz 2



Lab: Plant Pigment and Photosynth.



Target Quiz 3



Lab: Yeast Ferment. (How Long Will I Be Blue?)





Target: Quiz 4




Use the following animations as you come across these topics:

How Big are Cells?

Organelles Inside a Cell (pretty cool animations! Double click on them for descriptions):

Comparison of Prokaryote and Eukaryote (Animal and Plant) Cells:

Animal cell vs. Plant Cell:

Cell Transport of Nutrients/Waste:

The Cell Membrane:


Cellular Respiration:

Cell Cycle with checkpoints:

Mitosis: through 3 slides to the animation. It’s great)


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