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Biology is composed of the five learning plans below. If you are on the credit-based system you will earn 1.25 credits for completing all 5 plans.


       Human Biology

       DNA and Genetics



The username to the online text has changed to avantibiology

You can access the Miller Levine Text by clicking here. See the whiteboard in the classroom for login information or email me at

      Each learning plan is intended to take 6 weeks to complete and credit is received after all work is completed at an 80% level of quality.

Words of advice:

Don't fall behind.
Don't be discouraged if you need to retest or revise your papers, projects, and labs.
Make use of calendar of recommended target dates for assignments so you can meet your four week goals.



                How Big are Cells?

                Comparison of Prokaryote and Eukaryote (Animal and Plant) Cells:

                Animal cell vs. Plant Cell:

                Cell Transport of Nutrients/Waste:

                The Cell Membrane:


                Cellular Respiration:

                Cell Cycle with checkpoints:

                Mitosis: (click through 3 slides to the animation. It’s great)




                DNA Replication:

                Transcription of DNA and Translation of Proteins:



                The History of Life (and extinctions):


Body Systems

                How Neurons Communicate:

                The Synapse:

                Resting and Action Potential with the sodium/potassium pump:

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