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USC Trojans

Welcome to a new school year!
Supplies needed for this year
5 individual 70 page spiral bound notebooks
                 blue or black ball point pens
                 yellow highlighter
                 glues sticks

Wish list
                Babywipes for desks
                Glues sticks
                Electric stapler

Here is the new link to the Tesoro del Valle PTA Website if you ever have questions regarding the school.  It has some really great links.

California Streaming Video Library
Username: tesoro6

Support our school. Join the PTA!

Earthquake/Tectonic Plate Video Link

If you go to Staples for your supplies please use my Teacher Rewards:

2703242970 or 2275667

This is also my STAR Teacher Card number if you go to Office Depot.


Thank you for your support towards this class! All proceeds go back into the class.

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Please-no homework!
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