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Mrs. Rose Evans’ Supply List



*Please do not stress if you can’t find something on the list!

$20.00 for Class t-shirts, Scholastic News subscription and Scholastic Science Spin subscription (CASH only) *I will return any money leftover after I know the exact price and after I have purchased the t-shirts.

1 inch-3 ring binder that has a sleeve on the front to put a sheet of paper.  The binder will go from home/school daily. *Your child may choose which one he/she wants to use.  Keep in backpack separate.

Dividers for binder (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, Miscellaneous)

Pencil pouch-(keep in binder)

2 reams of printer or copy paper

1- 7.5 oz liquid antibacterial soap

Clorox Wipes

2 pkg. #2 pencils-Ticonderoga is the best, but any yellow #2 pencils will work for us.

1 pkg. of mechanical pencils (We are going to try to use these this year and see if it works and if everyone can hold onto their own pencils)

pencil top erasers

Highlighters-we use pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  It's not necessary to get each color.  I put them in table buckets.

2 boxes 24 count Crayola crayons

Elmer's Glue bottles

Pens to put in binder pencil pouch. (Any color is fine)

2 plastic folders with brads and pockets (any plain color is fine)


Ziploc bags-various sizes appreciated

Special Area Supplies

Music-one folder with 3 prongs(any color)

Art-Ticonderoga pencils


Wish List:

The following are items that we will use throughout the school year. We always have a real need for the following items, so if you find them on sale throughout the year, we would greatly appreciate them:

Sharpie Markers (all colors)

Amazon or Books-a-Million Gift Cards for Class Books

Clorox Wipes (we use a TON)

Blue Sticky Tack

Wrapped Snacks and Candy

*Peppermint Oil-Now Foods Essential Oils for air freshener




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