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5th Grade Science Big Ideas Links/Virtual Field Trips
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All Things Science
Virtual Field Trips
Scientists at Work-Unit 1
Big Idea 1-The Practice of Science, Big Idea 2-The Characteristics of Scientific Knowledge
Solar System and the Universe-Unit 2
Big Idea 5-Earth in Space and Time
Weather, Climate, and Water-Unit 3
Big Idea 7-Earth Systems and Patterns
Nature of Matter-Unit 4
Big Idea 8-Properties of Matter, Big Idea 9-Changes in Matter
Energy and Electricity-Unit 5 & 6
Big Idea 10-Forms of Energy, Big Idea 11-Energy Transfer and Transformations
Forces and Motion-Unit 7
Big Idea 13-Forces and Changes in Motion
Living Things-Unit 8
Big Idea 14-Organization and Development of Living Organisms
Changes in Environment-Unit 9
Big Idea 15-Diversity and Evolution of Living Organisms
Plant and Animal Adaptations-Unit 10
Big Idea 17-Interdependence
Rocks and Minerals
Big Idea 6-Earth Structures
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