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Behavior Bucks Behavior Bucks

The students will have the opportunity to learn about a realistic monetary system.  

Behavior Bucks will be our “cash”. 

Here is how our system works:

 Students earn Behavior Bucks for a variety of things such as classroom jobs, displaying exemplary teamwork, being responsible citizens, turning in all homework on time all week, having the neatest work area as a group---and much more. 


Other behaviors or choices will cost Behavior Bucks. Some examples of losing Behavior Bucks might include: being disrespectful, late/no homework, or not working cooperatively with others.


We will have many discussions and conversations about saving versus spending Behavior Bucks.  Students will have the choice to withdraw Behavior Bucks from their accounts either all at once or a few at a time to spend for selected activities or prizes. 


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