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    My teaching career began on the west end of Laguna BeachFlorida in a small one-room school house in my parents' back yard.  I was extremely young, even by today's standards, since I was only five years old when I taught my first class.  My students, then, did not bare much of a resemblance to school children in classrooms today.  Among my first students were my dolls and my dog, Ginger.   My sister, Ashley also became one of my students.  Although I had years of experience, I later decided to attend college at the University of Alabama.  I received a double major in both Early Childhood and Elementary Education in 1991.  I returned to Panama City and was hired at Surfside Middle School.  While there, I taught 4th-6th grade reading in an ESE Inclusion setting as well as 7th and 8th grade Science.  As luck would have it, a kindergarten position opened the next year at Cedar Grove Elementary School, where I taught for five years.  During that time, I earned my Master's degree in Education at FSU-PCC.  When Patronis Elementary School opened its doors in 1995, I was hired as a charter member.  Since that time, I have now experienced teaching in all grade levels from Kindergarten through 8th...even pre-kindergarten during the summers!  

I strongly believe in the benefits of teamwork.  Most recently, Alison Rose Evans and I team taught in our fourth and fifth grade classroom.  We loved that model but mostly loved our students!  

This year, Mrs. Rose Evans is teaching fifth grade and I am teaching third grade.  As always, our wall is open and we spend much of the school day...before, during, and after hours...collaborating.  Our students love it and ask each day what project or opportunity they will have for teaming.  
We will be proud and confident teaching cohorts again yet we will have a very different combination crowd as I take on a group of primary learners. We look forward to this exciting time and know that the continued collaboration of teaching and learning will grow and reach new heights. 

Mrs. Rose Evans' 4th grade Rockstars
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