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The ROCKSTARS Weekly News
August 21, 2017

Dear Families,

Happy first week of 4th Grade!  Hopefully, your week was as wonderful as you’d hoped it would be!  I know mine was!  The students and I worked very hard on many different activities.  I’m looking forward to another great week.  
I realize this newsletter contains LOTS of information!  I’d prefer that you have too much, rather than not enough.

Forms:  I greatly appreciate those of you who have taken the time to complete the online form I sent in the initial email.  I have about half of the class/parents who have completed the form on the class website. This information is SO very valuable to me.  Already, it has provided me with insight as well as updated email contacts (you would be surprised that what is in Parent Portal is NOT what you may think for your email contacts).  For those who haven't completed the online forms, here are the directions.

Parent Information:  Please click below to fill this out if you haven’t already.

Click here to fill out the FORM for Mrs. Rose Evans

*Please be sure to also fill out all paper forms and have them turned in by this Friday.  

Remind:  Many of you have signed up for Remind!  I’m so happy!  Remind will be used for updates and reminders for a variety of class events.  You may sign up here:  To receive messages via text, text @roseev to 81010.

***Two years ago, within the first few days of school, we had a lockdown.  At that time, the participation was similar to this year...about half of my class had signed up for Remind.  Once we knew the dangerous situation was handled and we could safely dismiss the children, I immediately emailed all parents in my class to inform them about what happened.  If I had all parent contacts on Remind, I could have sent a message much more quickly...and from my phone.  For safety purposes that I hope and pray we never need to consider, please sign up for Remind.  Thank you.  

Instagram:  So far, the biggest hit for years has been our class Instagram Account.  I couldn’t be HAPPIER that so many of you have signed up and are enjoying viewing/commenting on the photos of our kids.  In case you have not joined yet and you’d like to know how…here is what you do.  Using your smartphone, go to your app store.  Download the Instagram app---it’s free.  Once you have created your account (if you are new to this) then, you can search for roseevansrockstars
Once you’ve found roseevansrockstars, request to follow us.  From there, you will need to wait for me to sign on again to approve your request.  If I can recognize your username and determine who you are, then I will approve you.  However, if your username doesn’t correspond with your name, please email me and let me know.  That way, I’ll know who you are so I can approve your request to join.  
Should you encounter any problems or difficulties with any of this, please don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

Newsletters:   I typically write a weekly newsletter every Monday.  I archive the weekly newsletters on my class website under the Classroom News section which has monthly tabs.  The purpose for this is for your benefit.  If I have written about a certain topic or piece of information that you need to reference at a later time, it is there for you.  I will read the Class News with the boys/girls in class.  It is your child’s responsibility to go over the Class News with you and have you sign their agenda.  If they fulfill their responsibility, they will earn behavior bucks from me.  If they “forget”…they owe me money!  I always try to put important dates and reminders on the news for you each week.  If something comes up after Monday that is important, I will email you to make you aware of updates or send a text through Remind.

I would like to have at least one active, updated email address for everyone in our class.  If, at any time, you need to change or update your email address/preferences, or if you would like to add additional contacts, please let me know.  Additionally, if you have computer “issues”…as many of us do from time to time, please send me a note.  I am happy to print a copy of the weekly newsletter and send home in the folder. 

Orientation:  Thank you all again, for your attendance at Orientation.  It was so nice to begin to connect parents with the sweet children I’ve been getting to know over the last two days of school .  I also wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate the supplies you shared with our class.  We are very fortunate! 

Agendas:  We will get agendas later this week.  Agendas should go back and forth to school/home every day.  That is a very important task!  Your child may have already explained to you that each week, the students will copy ALL weekly homework and other important class/school events from the My Homework tab (located on the left-hand side of the class website) into the agenda.  One of my rules for this is…NO shortcuts?  Your child should have neatly written each and every word/assignment that is posted on the homework calendar.  If your child is absent for any reason, this section of the website should be very helpful.  Typically, the students will write all assignments in their agendas on Mondays for the week.  Usually, but not always, I will “sign” each child’s agenda on Tuesdays.  Now…here is YOUR part…

Parent “Homework” in the Agenda:  Parents, you are not off the homework hook.  As mentioned above, each week, my goal is to sign my initials after you have signed yours.

1.                Your child’s “daily homework” is to Read At Home (RAH) every night that ends in “y”.  

2.                Some days they may have some studying to do for assessments or a quick online task.  This should not take long at all.

3.                Occasionally, I will send home Family Projects for you to work on together at home.

4.                Other homework will include playing outside or at extracurricular activities, eating dinner together as a family, talking about your days and enjoying one another, getting ready for the next day, taking baths/showers, going to bed with a smile!

PTO:  I know that many of you have already joined our awesome PTO.  We are fortunate to have so many parents who want to be actively involved in this way for all of our students.  I could list many, many ways our PTO directly benefits both students and teachers.  On behalf of our kids and teachers…we all thank you!  In addition to that, our PTO leaders are amazing! 

Shoparoo:  Interested in helping Patronis Elementary earn some money?  All you have to do is scan your grocery and store receipts with a free app called: SHOPAROO You can sign up on your computer or smartphone with the link I am providing and begin scanning.  This is really easy and it works!  The competition gets pretty heated between our grade levels!  The more we all scan, the more money Shoparoo will send to our school!

Scholastic Book Orders:  I will be sending home Scholastic Book Orders throughout the year. Scholastic book orders may be placed online. Here is how to do this:  please go to our class website.  Click My Resources, then Scholastic Book Orders.  This will take you to the Scholastic website.  The online ordering process is explained.  Our class code is HYLG8.  Our class gets free books when parents order online.  In addition, when you are ordering online, you can select/order books from ANY of the other catalogs you see!  So, you are not limited to just the paper fliers I sent home already.  If you would like to order any books for your child, the closing date for this order will be Friday, August 26th.  If you have questions or need help, let me know. 

BYOD:  My classroom is a BYOD teacher-certified classroom!  That is super-exciting news!  I encourage and support all of my students in bringing their “parent-allowed” digital devices to school.  The same policy applies for all students with regard to devices being kept off and inside backpacks until students arrive inside the classroom in the mornings.  Devices go back inside backpacks BEFORE dismissal.  They should NEVER be out, on, or used outside of the classroom.  Students log on to their device and all classroom/school computers using their own individual usernames and passwords.  Students will use their devices for learning activities such as reading books they have downloaded on their device, accessing websites like Spelling City, our class website, and Google Drive.  If your child brings his/her device, please make sure they also have headphones.  Headphones may be stored in each child’s supply tub. 

Websites, log-in information, and more! Bay District has streamlined the log-in process for teachers and for students.  By doing so, many websites students use, have the same username and password.  This feature is known as Launchpad.  The address to access Launchpad is
Your child can explain how to log in.  Just in case he/she forgets...the website, username and password is now taped in the front cover of the agenda.  

I have tried many different ways of helping my students keep up with their log-in information over the years.  Here is what I’ve found that seems to work the best:  
Once I can access all of the other websites that won’t be included in the Launchpad and get each child’s accurate username and password, I will print a copy that will be taped inside the front cover of each child’s agenda.  Some parents like to photocopy that agenda page and keep that extra copy in a safe place or next to the home computer. 
I assure you that as soon as I can get all of this organized and prepared, I will have all of this nicely taped in the cover of your child’s agenda.  
You and your child will likely be familiar with the some of the following websites we may be utilizing this year:  Sumdog, Ten Marks, Zearn, Spelling City, Tween Tribune, Prodigy Math, First in Math and
Think Central (houses our Science texts), AR, Wonders Reading and Achieve3000 are some that will be in the student Launchpad.  

Patronis Website:  Our Media Specialist, Mrs. Carol Senn, has been working really hard all summer to update the PES website.  Please bookmark the site and be sure to check it out soon!  You will find the PES Google Calendar on the homepage.  ALL important events that take place at our school are posted here.  If you link it to your email or phone, you can receive email updates or text alerts regarding upcoming events.  Here is the link:

Library Books:  Our class will attend Library Orientation soon.  4th graders are allowed to check out 2 library books!  I encourage the children to take their books home every night! I also ask that they always bring BOTH library books back to school every day!  If both books are at school, we can check them in/out as needed in case special projects arise at a moment’s notice!  Thank you for your help with this. 

Transportation Home:  I've had several of you email me about transportation changes.  Please, please, please call the Front Office to alert them of changes. I don't always check my email at the end of the day because we are in our Reading block.  Also, that wouldn't help you out if I was ever absent or if your emails went to my Spam folder which happens more than you would think. Thanks so much for your understanding on this matter!

Special Area Schedule from 9:45-10:35 am:
Monday: Art
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday:  Music
Thursday:  PE
Friday:  PE
Please be sure your child has appropriate shoes for PE on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Lunch Time:  10:55-11:25 am

ELA: This week we will begin our journey in our Reading series called Wonders.  We will be skipping around the book throughout the year.  We will not have a Spelling test, Vocabulary or Comprehension Tests on Friday on Unit 1-Week 2. (This week we are going over what the assessments will look like) We won't always have tests every week so I will alert the kiddos at the beginning of the week if we have any.  You will find a printed newsletter in your child's binder with all of the skills and words we will have this week.  It is their responsibility to be prepared for Friday's assessments.  

Math: We will begin using our Math books tomorrow.  We have a new Math series called Eureka Math.  We will have a 2 hour math block this year.  The block will include working in a whole group setting and then breaking into groups.  I'm anticipating that we will be able to get all of our math completed in our math block and won't need to carry it over into homework.  Any concepts that I feel your child needs extra time on, I will send home for further practice. Now would be a great time to make sure your child hasn't forgotten any basic math addition or multiplication facts over the summer.  Don't be surprised if happens!  Once we get back into the math, their brains should spark some recognition and we will speed right along. Just a heads up:  4th grade Math and ELA FSA assessments will be taken on the computer this year in the Technology Lab.  Luckily, they are familiar with online testing from MAP that they have taken in the past.   More information will be coming home throughout the year regarding standardized testing.  Don't worry if you can't keep up with all the acronyms...I'll keep you updated as things make their way to us. 

 Unit/ Module 1 Eureka Math Activities for home

• Make up numbers, roll numbers with dice, or find numbers (on labels) and compare them
• Find numbers and write them in expanded form
• Make numbers and tell which place value (and/or value) each digit represents
• Place large numbers on a number line
• Collect objects (i.e. Cheerios) and estimate how many
• Draw pictures and make models of numbers

Science:  We will begin using our Science Fusion textbook in Unit 1.  We will also incorporate some virtual labs, content based text and books, video clips and hands-on activities to learn all about The Scientific Method. 

Reading Homework:  Reading Homework (as stated above), needs to occur every single night.  I would suggest at least 20 minutes a night, bare minimum. You know I'm not going to be upset if they read longer than that!  If I see a decline in anything involving reading, we will have to have reading folders. Many of the students have already set a personal goal to meet the Millionaire's Club, so I'm hoping they will stick to their goals and not have any issues.  I bet they can do it!  Informational/non-fiction text is SO important.  If you don't already do so, I would like to suggest having your child read some magazines or newspapers at home and have discussions with you regarding these resources.  Most kids automatically are drawn to fiction books, but we are going to focus on expanding their horizons this year.  There is a strong possibility that A.R. will be up and running very soon...keep your fingers crossed. 

If you haven't already heard, several boys and girls are on the war path to beat me this year at A.R. and to beat the other 4th grade classes…GAME ON!

Have you visited these websites or added them to your Social Media accounts?

Patronis Website:

Patronis Facebook:

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Patronis Instagram: @patroniselementary

Patronis PTO Website:

Patronis PTO Facebook:

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Patronis PTO Email:

Shoparoo:  Interested in helping Patronis Elementary earn some money?  All you have to do is scan your grocery and store receipts with a free app called: SHOPAROO  You can sign up on your computer or smartphone with the link I am providing and get to scanning.  This is really easy and works.  Let's see if we can compete against the other grades.

Important Dates: 

Monday, August 28th: MAP Testing in the Tech Lab, Chorus Try-outs 2:15 to 3:15

Tuesday, August 29th: MAP Testing in the Tech Lab, Chorus Try-outs 2:15-3:15

Monday,  September 4th: NO SCHOOL-Labor Day

Thursday, September 14th: Open House 4:30-5:30 pm (All parents invited and encouraged to attend with students!)

Spaghetti Dinner 4-6 pm

Wednesday, September 20th: NO SCHOOL-PLC Day for teachers

Monday, September 25th: 4th Grade to Biophilia Center

Tuesday, September 26th: 4th Grade to Biophilia Center

Wednesday, September 27th: Fall School Pictures

Monday, October 9th: NO SCHOOL-Columbus Day

Thursday, October 12th: Family Night for all Beach schools @ Arnold High School

Friday, October 20th: End of 1st Grading Period & 1st AR Party

Tuesday, October 24th: Fall Pictures Retakes

Wednesday, October 25th: NO SCHOOL-PLC Day for teachers

Thursday, November 2nd: Santa & Holiday Pictures

Friday, November 3rd: Field Day Fundraiser

Friday, November 10th: NO SCHOOL-Veterans Day

Monday, November 20th-Friday, November 24th: NO SCHOOL-Thanksgiving Break

Mrs. Rose Evans' 4th grade Rockstars
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