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                                                      Home of the Bulldogs


Welcome to 4th quarter. With summer fast approaching, many families are planning last minute trips and excursions before they PCS. All this excitement creates an atmosphere that school is over but with 9 weeks of school left and lots of material to cover this is the time for (I know it's hards with warm sunny days) concentration. Dreaming about of summer vacation is far more appealing, which is why this is the quarter that student’s grades usually go down. To help them stay on track please remind your children to use their planners as a way to organize their time and stay on top of their homework. If you are going to be gone on a family trip be sure that you let the office know and get the form for a pre-arranged absence. If at any time you would like to conference with me, please call the office at 07031-152715, and I will return your phone call as soon as possible. I am also available on email please contact me at


·         Homework will be posted daily. You will find any handout material on the sidebar marked 7th or 8th grade handouts. These attachments will be in PDF format.


·         Any upcoming test and quizzes will be posted in advance so that students can prepare. All TESTS are open notebook so be sure to ask for your child's math notebook. Class notes can be supplemented with material from the textbook. Although all TESTS are open notebook, quizzes are not. Students will have to review/study their notes to be successful on the quizzes.

·         Students will be required to bring their textbooks, notebook and pencil/pen and any assigned homework to every class. To receive full credit on assignments students are required to show all their work. Answers without work are not acceptable and will result in a score of zero.


          Math Tutoring

Every Monday and Wednesday                  

Room 304 (14:35 to 15:15)

CSP ~ Continuous School Progress

Vision: To inspire curiosity and ambition for life-long learning in every student.
Mission: To promote the skills and knowledge that will ensure academic, social and emotional achievement for all students in an increasingly global society.
Goal #1: All students will improve their writing in all areas of the curriculum.
Goal #2: All students will improve problem-solving skills across the curriculum.








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