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Alconbury Middle/High School 

Home of the Dragons

Dear Parents

2nd Quarter

This is the time of year for family get together and trips.  If you are going to be gone on a family trip be sure that you let the office know and get the form for a pre-arranged absence.  Assignments will be posted on the calendar so if you are checking to see how far the class has progressed while you were away the information is there. If at any time you would like to conference with me, please call the office and I will return your phone call as soon as possible. 

Textbook access

 Username - islesgeo15

Password - dodea13


·Homework will be posted daily. You will find any handout material on the sidebar marked Geometry worksheets These attachments will be in PDF format.

·Any upcoming test and quizzes will be posted in advance so that students can prepare.  Class notes can be supplemented with material from the textbook.  Students will have to review/study their notes to be successful on the quizzes and tests.

·Students will be required to bring their notebook and pencil/pen and any assigned homework to every class. To receive full credit on assignments students are required to show all their work. Answers without work are not acceptable and will result in a score of zero.



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