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The topics I want to include in my book about Japan are:

Welcome to Room 104's Website!



Wishing you a Happy Easter and Happy Passover! Enjoy the well deserved break!


Good Job Working Through the NYS ELA Exam!

Thanks to students and parents for working so hard to to complete this exam.



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Are you ready for spring?
Choice Responses Percentage
Yes, please!! No more snow!!!! 12 66.67%
No, bring on the snow!! 6 33.33%

The best part of spring is...
Choice Responses Percentage
Baseball begins!! Make opening day a National Holiday!! 1 12.50%
flowers! I need to see tulips!! 3 37.50%
Daylight Savings time! 1 12.50%
It's getting closer to the end of school! 0 0.00%
that summer comes after spring! 3 37.50%

P.A.R.P makes reading fun! I plan to read _____minutes.
Choice Responses Percentage
200 minutes a week 0 0.00%
300 minutes a week 0 0.00%
400 minutes a week 0 0.00%
Even more!! 2 100.00%
My New Year's Resolution is....
Choice Responses Percentage
To get better grades in school! 7 53.85%
Help my parents more at home. 4 30.77%
Be nicer to my brothers and or sisters! 1 7.69%
Read more! 0 0.00%
Practice my multiplication facts every day! 1 7.69%
The best part of Christmas and Hanukkah is.....
Choice Responses Percentage
Being together with family! 5 55.56%
Yummy special foods! 0 0.00%
The pretty lights! 0 0.00%
Presents!! 3 33.33%
Our special family traditions! 1 11.11%

The coolest thing about room 104 is...
Choice Responses Percentage
The reading center, I love to read! 2 15.38%
The science center and the balances and horse barn! 1 7.69%
The computer, I can't wait until we get our smart board! 6 46.15%
The kids in the class! Lots of new friends. 3 23.08%
The social studies center, can't wait until we study about places all around the globe! 1 7.69%



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